"Since the addition of KingWeb’s real time inventory we have gone from chasing our products to managing our inventory! Many smaller online Yahoo! Stores, who also operate a physical retail location, find themselves in this situation and wish they had a way notify their online shoppers of stock status to gain consumer trust and loyalty. Until now we struggled with this on a daily basis and the amount of time we spent ordering and contacting customers because we oversold a particular product was very frustrating. Now we manage our stock levels on the retail side and they appear in real-time on our website. An absolute must for multichannel Yahoo! Store sellers."
- Bob Gates, Pipes and Cigars
"It has been a dream of mine to be able to use live inventory information from Stone Edge, combine that with multiple inventory files from our drop ship suppliers and display inventory status on the product detail page. Our customers no longer need to add items to the cart to find out they are not available. My web team doesn't need to spend time updating the site to show which drop ship items are available and which ones are not. This creates a much better shopping experience for the customer. What's cool too is that if a product is not in stock the visitor can enter their email address. When the item comes back in stock a triggered email is sent out to notify the customer.

I analyzed our sales, backorders, phone calls, etc for the black friday / cyber monday weekend compared to last year and the numbers are incredible. Sales were up double digits, backorders were minimal and phone calls were down 39% over last year. That means people were buying items that were in stock so we didn't have calls from people wondering where their orders were. Most of the time we would get calls for order status on drop ship items. Now that we have our drop ship suppliers on live inventory the calls are way down. Now our call center can take more orders and spend less time with complaints and order status questions. We also have better inventory management and are selling what we have.

If you use Stone Edge and have drop ship suppliers, then this would really help your customer experience and also save tons of time in the back-end."
- Mike Neff, Sports Unlimited
"We’re getting 2-3 people a day resulting in 1-2 orders per day because of the back-in-stock notifications. Not bad for one month in - I figure it should double or triple once mature. We’re also getting 25 or so requests per day."
- Brian Feeney, Sports Fanfare