Centrifuge Inventory System Pricing

Centrifuge Inventory System is Available for ALL Yahoo! Store plans (Legacy, Merchant Starter, Merchant Standard, and Professional Yahoo! Stores.

The Centrifuge Inventory System is designed to simplify inventory management for all e-commerce merchants - it doesn't matter if you use a 3rd party order management system or choose to use the Centrifuge control panel - Centrifuge streamlines and simplifies inventory management. You can also customize the inventory system by adding a la carte support created specifically for businesses that use dropshippers or have multiple warehouses or suppliers.

Installation: $250- Standard installation is usually completed in 3-5 business days, but may take longer for Legacy stores.

Monthly Subscription Rate{s}:
Stores currently using a 3rd party order management system such as Order Motion or Stone Edge - $69 monthly
Stores NOT using a 3rd party order management system - $89 monthly
Dropshipper support - $30 monthly
Multiple warehouse support - $10 monthly

Customization: As always, the programmers at KingWebmaster can customize to meet your demands. Requests for features unique to your store will be quoted on an hourly rate.

Monthly billing is done on a 28 day billing cycle beginning on the day of installation.